shrI mukham

SrImukham by SrI VillUr naDAdUr “SrIbhAshya SimhAsanAdipati”
Pravachana BhUshaNam KarunAkarAchArya SwAmi


SrImatE SrInidhayE SrInivAsarAghavAryamahAdESikAya namaH

SrI Abhinava DESika Uthamoor SwAmi is a legend. We can all consider ourselves blessed because we have seen him in flesh along with us.

As a student of his works, I always recall the Sanskrit proverb “vyAsa ucchishTam idam sarvam” and feel it will  be appropriate to call “utthamoor swAmi ucchishTam idam sarvam” for there is not a single work of our PUrva AchAryas and classics in other SAstras like NyAya (Indian Logic) and MImAmsa, which has gone untouched by Abhinava DESika Utthamoor SwAmi. He has produced commentaries for almost all the works of AchAryas and AzhwArs.

They are classic by nature. Traditionally, the Sanskrit Scholarship is divided into four branches i.e. Grammar, Logic, MImAmsa and VEdAnta. SwAmi was well versed in all the branches and whatever subject he touched, he touched it in depth and brought all the relevant dimensions of the subject. At times, I wonder as to how could SwAmi be so alert in dealing with all aspects of the topic taken by him.

SrI Abhinava DESika Utthamoor SwAmi believed in rational thinking soaked with devotion to to get the roots for all the items concerned. It can be said confidently that only after seeing SrI Abhinava DESika avatAra and his contributions, one can believe and appreciate the former avatAra of DESika of such capacity and achievements; For “Seeing is believing”.

With all this scholarship, the SwAmi was always humane bestowed with Aatma GuNas and was always ready to help youngsters like me. He entertained our queries with utmost sincerity and clarified the doubts whenever we approached him.  I was one of the fortunates to be benefited from the SwAmi like that.

I still remember his coming by walk three kilometers in the unbearable summer in Chennai to attend my Upanayanam and bless me.  I believe, only those blessings have made me to study VEdAnta to a level of good competence and recognition by Scholars.

SwAmi was also interested in supporting the co-scholars.  When I wanted a foreword for my father’s works taken up by me for publication, he gave the same spontaneously and advised me on how to go with the printing job and also blessed me with full heart for the success in the project. This encouraged me to go ahead with the assignment.SwAmi’s blessings have come in full to my young friend (*) Chi.<K.G.K.> Anand, who has inherited from SrI Abhinava DESika Utthamoor SwAmi, his maternal grand father, the flair for going to the nuance of any topic. I am glad to note that Chi. Anand is now opening a Web – Site on SrI Abhinava DESika Utthamoor SwAmi, which should be a boon to any  scholar.I consider myself privileged in writing these few words on the Web-Site, which contains all about the SwAmi. I wish Chi.Anand all the best in his endeavour.

I hope, this Web-Site helps the students and brings them to know the multifaceted personalities of SrI Abhinava DESika Utthamoor SwAmi.

(*) : Its a great magnanimity from SrI KarunAkarAchArya SwAmi to address me as his friend, though I am learning      VEdAnta under him as a student. It reveals swAmi’s aatma-guNa only.


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